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“There are seven whom Allaah will shade in His Shade on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade:  one of them will be the  youth who grew up in the worship of Allah (SWT)”-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The hadith above illustrates how important the stage of adolescence is in Islam.  The stage of adolescence is one of the most defining times in a person’s life. As a youth, many go through times where they just feel like partying, hanging out, and being free.  At the same time, many try to concentrate on being good Muslims.  For American youth, it is a constant tug-of-war between them and Shaitan in trying to become better Muslims versus doing haram things.

The MBYG is not a class in which tests are taken or homework is given; rather, it is a group in which boys in the community build brotherhood while acknowledging the same struggles that Muslim boys may have to face in school everyday.

The MBYG usually does weekly halaqas (lessons) relating to the Youth in Islam.  They also do fun activities such as playing a variety of sports, going out to eat, doing fundraisers/charity/ community service, and taking part in Islamic tournaments such as MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament).  MBYG is a chance for boys in the community to plan special events, help others in school, and work to spread the Deen.

Our Vision:  Helping the Muslim Youth deal with haram environments and keeping them in a halal (friendly) environment. 

Our Goal: Help the community and helping the Youth become better Muslims.


The Muslim Boys Youth Group first started back in 2003 by Br. Ahmad Malik. His main motive was to create a brotherhood among the Muslim Youth in the Islamic Association of Long Island (Selden Masjid).

After 1-2 years of hiatus (gap) the MBYG was then alhumdolilah again started and initiated by Br. Ahmer Imam and Hannan Sayed.

In 2011, The Muslim Boys Youth Group was alhumdolillah able to expand to Frisco Masjid in Dallas, Texas.

The List Bellow Includes all of the past President and Vice Presidents.

Selden MBYG:

Presidents                                                               Vice Presidents

Ahmad Malik                                                           Amir Sahib

Amir Sahib                                                                Anwer Imam

Anwer Imam                                                            Nabras Ahmed

Nabras Ahmed                                                         N/A

Ahmer Imam                                                            Hannan Sayed

Hannan Sayed                                                          Ali Syed

Saad Riazuddin                                                        Mohsin Hassan

Mohsin Hassan                                                        Shabab Amin

Tariq Ali                                                                     Sameer Qureshi/Waez Khan

Frisco MBYG:

Presidents                                                               Vice Presidents

Saad Riazuddin                                                      Shaheer Ali

Yusuf Siddiqui


A list of Fundraisers/Events (Selden + Frisco): 

  • Basketball Tournament 
  • Video Game Tournament 
  • Wii Tournament 
  • MIST Competition 
  • Bake Sale
  • Masjid Appreciation Day 
  • ICNA 
  • Winter Retreat 
  • Field Day 
  • Cricket Tournament 
  • MBYG Olympics 
  • Family Day 
  • Qiyams 
  • Lazer Tag 
  • Bowling 
  • Eid Party


Fun Facts (Selden)

  • Br. Amir Sahib associated Selden MBYG with Young Muslims of America.
  • Although from 2003-2010, no supervisor was needed. Br. Amin was assigned as the official supervisor for the group in 2011.
  • After the 2 year hiatus of MBYG, the 3 following Presidents held their last meetings along with Go-Karting, two of the three got hit and both were banished from the place.
  • All of the past Presidents have either left the country or the states besides, Br. Anwer, Ahmer and Nabras.
  • 3 of the 9 Presidents are studying/studied in the field of Medical.
  • All of the Presidents/Vice-Presidents are of Pakistani background besides Br. Amir Sahib.
  • Selden MBYG although not a MSA has entered the Annual MIST competition.
  • Every year, the annual MBYG Basketball Tournament has been the most successful fundraiser.

Fun Facts (Frisco)

  • Frisco MBYG is the first official expansion of Muslim Boys Youth Group
  • The group is the most diverse out of the two MBYGs; with consisting Arabs, Desi, White and Spanish heritage.
  • The group consists two reverts.
  • The third Qiyam consisted over 40 youth.
  • The highest number of members in one meeting has been about 25-30.
  • The most common place to eat is CiCis.
  • Previous Selden MBYG President, Anwer Imam, visited the Frisco MBYG in the initial year of beginning.

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